Civil Litigation
What We Believe

When there is a dispute or it is time to head to court to resolve a non-criminal legal matter, Phillips & Phillips helps clients throughout all the phases of a civil litigation case. This includes investigations, pre-trial work, settlement and appeals for cases such as breach of contract, real estate litigation, fraud, etc.

The law is written by lawyers for lawyers. In court, the excuse of “I didn’t know that” is not one that holds any weight. One of our greatest strengths is breaking down the intricacies of the law so our clients can understand it. We make sure you know your options and help provide personalized legal guidance so you can stay on the best path for your case.

Just as a laymen wouldn’t opt to perform surgery on themselves, but rather leave that to the surgeons, the same applies to law. In the face of litigation, you need the direction and support of a professional, experienced, and trusted lawyer.

Lady of Justice

Civil Litigation

civil litigation
Our Services
    • Breach of Contract
    • Real Estate Litigation
    • Fraud
    • Torts
    • Personal injury cases
    • Intellectual property disputes
$250/hr for RMP  •  $350/hr for KRP

(pricing subject to change)

Law You Can Understand

Legal action can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing help in language you can understand. Just ask if you don't feel like you understand your options. We'll find an explanation that works for you.

We Focus on Results

When you work with us, we start by making a plan to get you the results you need. We will help you understand the law surrounding your circumstances so you are comfortable with your next best step.

Experienced & Ethical

We have a combined 41+ years of experience and a drive to adhere to practices in the best interest of our clients. We follow all legal regulations to conduct ourselves in a manner that serves the highest level of law.
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Popular Questions

1. How long is this going to take?

We know our clients are urgently seeking resolution, but unfortunately, the timing of each case is out of our personal control. We work hard on behalf of our clients, but the timing of resolution truly depends on a variety of factors, such as court availability, actions by opposing counsel, statutory time periods, mediator availability, expert witness availability, deposition reporter availability, etc etc.

2. How much money will this civil litigation case cost me?

Our attorneys charge an hourly rate for civil litigation cases. The rate is set at the start of the case. We work as efficiently as possible, but the billed amount will depend on how many hours are needed to complete the case.

3. Why is this happening to me?

Any type of legal matter can be very stressful and sometimes even confusing, which leads our clients to wonder why this is happening to them. The reasons behind any civil litigation are 100% dependent on the details of that particular case. We do our best to explain the legalities of the case in layperson terms so that you understand what is happening, why it is occurring, and your best options moving forward.